Water: A Fundamental Right, Not a Corporate Commodity

Living on the Monterey Peninsula, I have seen firsthand the rising cost of water to our community’s ratepayers. We can no longer tolerate the status quo. It’s long past time to develop a serious long term strategy for a sustainable water solution. According to Food and Water Watch, California American Water (CalAm) charged more in 2017 for water than any other water provider in the country.

CalAm has a proven track record of incompetence in managing large water projects in our area, and  is currently in the planning stages of a $400 million desalination plant - the cost of which will be passed along to ratepayers. The time has come for the public to play a larger role in securing the future of our water supply.

I support Measure J, Public Water Now’s effort to commission a feasibility study for public ownership of our region’s most precious resource. For the sake of future generations, I will work to solicit broad community engagement on developing a new water supply, and will not defer the future of our community’s water to the will of for-profit companies.