Transportation: Moving Monterey Forward

Someday, our kids will look back and ask us what we did to prevent the impacts of climate change. I try to do my part by biking to work every day, and making smart consumer choices. I also recognize that not everyone is able to ride bikes to get where they need to go - especially folks that live elsewhere and commute to Monterey for work.

It is important that we work with regional partners to support public transportation options that make Monterey more accessible and saves residents’ time and money. I will push for clear bike lanes on every road in Monterey, and more electric vehicle charging stations.

We also need to ensure that city roads are properly maintained. Monterey voters passed Measure P in 2014 to fund badly needed infrastructure improvements. The city recently determined that it would require ten years of the current 1% sales tax revenue to bring Monterey roads to “acceptable levels.” I believe we should continue this funding, but Monterey residents should be given the opportunity to weigh in as well. I support a 2018 ballot measure that will ask Monterey voters to approve a continuation of this important funding.