Housing: Developing a Sustainable Future

In my early twenties, I experienced homelessness firsthand following an unexpected eviction. During this time, I vividly recall having to decide whether to sleep in my car, or ask friends to sleep on their couch. My time was consumed with meeting basic needs, making it challenging to improve my situation. Fortunately, I found a second job which allowed me to save enough for a studio apartment. While I am proud to now be a Monterey homeowner, I understand the real barriers to accessing affordable housing.

It is important to ensure that our children and grandchildren can live in the place where they grew up. We should also be doing everything we can to ensure people who work in Monterey can afford to live in Monterey.  

California is in the midst of a housing crisis. As a city, we face significant barriers to future development with scarce natural resources on the Monterey Peninsula. But we cannot ignore our responsibility. Housing is a fundamental right of all people, and we must do our part.

It is unacceptable that our homeless population continues to increase while property managers from outside our region continue to exploit our local housing supply. Only 34% of Monterey residents own their own home, less than half the national average. I support smart policies that protect the interests of locals, such as strengthening enforcement of Monterey’s short term rental ban. We should also push for more mixed-use housing, especially for our local workforce so that Monterey residents can live where they work. This will improve Monterey residents’ quality of life, and also make progress toward alleviating traffic congestion.